How To Reconnect And Disconnect Power Lines?

A disconnection of power lines takes place when the power supply to your home has been disrupted. Now, if you want to go in for renewed power supply, then reconnection is required. Disconnection and reconnection also take place if there is electrical work to be done in your home.

By no means should you try to do this by yourself. Firstly, you’ll be breaking the law. Secondly, it’s a dangerous job best left in the hands of level 2 electrical contractors. They have the experience, expertise to work on power lines and most importantly with government clearance and permission.

Sometimes, even a power pole replacement is required. Though it is a rare occasion, it can happen. This is when the big boys come in with their tools. An electrician who works on the electrical system or the electrical maintenance people will take care of it. The scenarios where you would need help from technicians are when you move to a new home, you’ll often find that there is no electricity in the house. For you to use electricity once more, these power lines have to get connected. Again if there is electrical work to be done in the house like the laying of wires, it is safer to call in electrical technicians to disconnect power, the method of disconnection will depend on their feasible choices.

It also may be the case that because of any unpaid debt, the power has been discontinued. In this case, you have to ask to get the connection to be resumed after paying off the debt. Again if you live in an area where vehicles with outsize loads pass, the power lines should be disconnected and raised higher to avoid major accidents.

There could also be disconnection and reconnection of power from the metering point if there is electrical work to be done inside the house. You might have to pay for the disconnection and reconnection charges, if you do not provide access to the meter. You have to be present at the time when reconnection takes place, this is for safety issues.

Sometimes, it may happen that you have to disconnect power which comes into the building if safe work is to take place on a power line in order to repair it. Common places where such works take place are roofs and facades. Once again, you have to be present during work on these lines. You can also get power lines disconnected from the substation if you put in a request. This scenario generally takes place when there is a storm or hurricane, and a large number of trees are uprooted and fall on power lines, causing a safety hazard.