How To Clean & Maintain Your Window Dressings?

If you recently installed new window dressings to your house the first thing you need is for them to be as good as new for a long periods this can be achieved by properly maintaining and cleaning your window dressings regularly according to their position. If the dressings are outside and is in contact with dust and other dirt particles then the cleaning should be done regularly if not only sometimes. During the cleaning process you have to make sure you know about the material and the reaction of it for the liquid you are using to clean this is an essential tip to remember because many cleaning liquids are harmful for certain materials. This article will guide you through the process of cleaning and maintaining window dressings.

Widow dressings include curtains, blinds, window shutters, drapery and many more, but this article will focus only on how to clean and maintain blinds – Patio blinds. How to clean:

Vacuum – this should be done with the brush attached, if the blinds are on the outside of the weather screens make sure to do this process regularly. When vacuuming don’t do it vertically do it horizontally every strap at once? Make sure the dust particles or dirt is not trapped under the straps for the power of the vacuum.

Wet Wipe – secondly wipe the straps of the blind with a slightly wet cloth – wet with water and a cleaning liquid, the liquid should be properly chosen according to the material of the window dressing as mentioned above. Make sure to wipe all the stubborn areas that weren’t cleaned during vacuuming. If the blind is fabric and timber do not use water and soap when cleaning.

Leave it to dry naturally after cleaning the cleaning liquids off the straps, or use a dryer depending on your preference as well as the perfect material of the blind.

How to Maintain:

Regular cleaning – this is an essential process because of you leave stains and dirt to be on the blinds for a longer period the harder it will be to take out the stains.

Don’t roll them up – after cleaning make sure the blinds are fully dried before rolling them up because if there’s any water that is not evaporated this could cause fungi and will result more stains and start to smell.

Wind – if your blinds are on the outside of the window they could be damaged by wind therefore make sure to roll them up or tie them strong on both ends to avoid any damages during rain or storms.